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Pink Sugar


 Gloria Gift Nankunda is an innovative folk soul musician,producer, director,curator, voiceover artist and festival performer. Gloria creates music & art that reflects her unique sound, which is rooted in a mix of her Ankole-Uganda traditional background, different African genres, languages and cultures.
Through her work, Gloria has become a powerful voice for the African diaspora, exploring themes of blackness, identity, social justice & preservation of cultural heritage.

Gloria has showcased her Afro folk soul musical style on various stages including Canadian music week, Canadian Asian Fashion week, African Music Week Toronto (producer & director), African Fashion week Toronto, Artists and Artisans Development Network “Her Voice” & Inclusive arts festival, Small world Music festival, Meridian Hall “Living Room” series, Comedy Store Uganda, UG Global Concert, Music Mondays Toronto, Habari Africa Festival, Muse Arts Festival, TINFF , Milton Multicultural festival, Francophone en Fete, Community Folk Arts Council multi-cultural festival, "Lullaby Mosaic" at Small world music centre, St.Lawrence neighbourhood Association & Salvation Army (Yonge& Dundas) Canada Day 2023 festivals .

Gloria has also participated in the Canadian Music week International Trade Markets one-one meeting
s with music experts, executives, festival organizers from India & Southern Africa, courtesy of Canadian Association for the Advancement of  Music & Arts (CAAMA) 2023.

With a passion for collaboration and creativity, Gloria is a force to be reckoned with, 
in the music & entertainment industry at large in North- America, Africa & other parts of diaspora.

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